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About Us

OGS is one of UK’s top logistics and warehousing companies catering to major businesses around the world.

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About Citipost
& The Joint Venture

Citipost Group is UK’s largest privately owned distribution company. Headquartered on the outskirts of London, with over 150,000 square foot across the country, and a presence across Europe, Canada, North America, and the Asia Pacific, Citipost has leading provider of worldwide mailing, fulfilment and delivery services and has been delivering premium B2B global mail services for more than 35 years.

Citipost and Orchid Corporate Services joined hands with the individualist experience in various diversified industries and the creditable complementary skills & capabilities to create synergistic benefits through Orchid Global Shipping.

This joint venture entrusts to expand the business into various other product markets, geographies and consumer segments. With the Orchid’s extensive experience of over 2 decades in Designing, Sourcing, Manufacturing products to the warehousing, logistics and last mile delivery and other prodigious strengths of Citipost, Orchid Global Shipping comes with a plethora of services for our clients.

We, Orchid Global Sourcing

Orchid Global Shipping, with headquarters in the UK and in a Joint Partnership with Citipost Group, it utilizes the 35 years old experience of the wider group to provide end-to end solutions comprising procurement, warehousing and delivery services of products to international and local businesses.

We have a proven track record of helping UK, European and Global companies deliver each and every day to their retailers and consumers. And it doesn’t just finish there. We help our Clients to save money, manage their costs, support their customers and generate additional revenues.

In addition to our eCommerce Fulfilment service, we have the competency to securely store and distribute products to your own offices, anywhere in the UK and Europe. We give the flexibility to our clients for storing their good in our warehouse and ensuring the delivery with their chosen frequency.

We are committed to flawless execution and efficient delivery of these to enable businesses to function efficiently. This commitment is a result of our strong, passionate, well-trained core team, who takes pride in precision, has a prompt outlook and swift operations with a penchant for customer service. A healthy and happy staff ensures happy, healthy and loyal customers!

Our Vision

We believe that we play an integral role in helping our customers’ businesses sail smoothly by offloading the time-consuming jobs and simplifying their processes to help them focus on their own business, thus enhancing their profitability and promoting a health-culture.

Our vision, in actual terms, translates into the vision of our client. We are a power packed bunch of professionals who are passionate and bring genuine commitment on table to supersede your expectations giving the best returns to your investments in us

Our vision is to enable businesses around the world function well with our one-stop multi-commercial solutions.

Why Us?

With the JV with Citipost Group and a legacy experience of over 35 years, excellent professional all-round business solutions, a well-trained team and quality assurance of our logistical solutions and products makes us a preferred partner for commercial requirements


Our client servicing and operations teams are passionate about our customers, their growth by ensuring highly efficient management of their requirements.


We have all processes and performance parameters in place to ensure top-notch products, in the best condition delivered with efficiency and worth to each of our customers


Our specialised, well-trained Logistic Teams and our vast distribution network ensures cost-effective and timely deliveries anywhere, anytime across the globe

How is it done?

Our in-house expert teams, 30,000+ sq ft of warehousing facilities across UK and Europe and an enviable global distribution system is the backbone of our shipping services to ensure cost-effective last-mile deliveries.

To implement a fine supply chain, our dedicated account management team, flexible operations, business investments in innovative solutions, a proactive culture and our agile decision-making enhances the customer experience.

This ensures not just functional success, but also sets a superlative benchmark in the ecosystem,  manifested in our time-saving and cost-efficient solutions that are tailor-made to suit the business needs of our customers.