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Cancer Coach Programme

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About the Client

Cancer Support UK provides hands-on and emotive support to people living with cancer all across the United Kingdom.

The Challenge

The client wanted to ensure all its supporters are individually thanked and have a personal touch from the charity to ensure the continuity of their support.

The Solution

Manually printed personalized letters were sent to all the support members of the group. Using our JV partner Citipost Group’s Digi-Mail’s on-demand mail service, any of the client’s team members could complete a mail merge from any desktop, and release branded, personalized letters with no more than a drag and drop of the file to the Digi-Mail platform. The secure system means supporter’s data can be managed in-house and remain compliant with GDPR.

The Outcome and Benefits

Digi-Mail delivered a user-friendly, simpler, cheaper, faster solution leading to an increase in the print quality of communications, significant financial savings, and a huge increase in time available for other important tasks.