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East Hampshire Conservative Association Vote

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About the Client

The EHCA had limited capitals and time to ensure its campaign communication reached all its voter base across multiple wards to encourage them to support their local MP and vote Conservative in the polls.

The Challenge

EHCA wanted to deploy cost-saving campaign activities instead of reaching homes through leafleting.

The Solution

EHCA wanted to use Digi-Mail to maintain the impact of postal campaigns but save on both time and costs as well as taking back control. They were able to switch to Digi-Mail within 48 hours of opening a Digi-Mail account. Personalised and directed mailings for each ward in the constituency were ‘dragged and dropped’ onto the portal and letters went from the constituency office to the voters’ doormat within a TAT of 3 days.

The Outcome and Benefits

Earlier the mailing process for local elections would take more time and an increased number of manpower resources to envelope filling and distribution. By using Digi Mail, campaigns could now be released in seconds. With Digi mail, we delivered a cheaper, faster, more secure solution which has reduced the pressure on staff, volunteers, and candidates whilst also delivering significant financial savings.