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Luxury Outlet Shopping Village

A cultural luxury village, our client houses over 1300 boutiques of fashion and lifestyle brands.
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About the Client

A cultural luxury village, our client houses over 1300 boutiques of fashion and lifestyle brands. These 11 cultural villages located in Europe and in the Far-East is a potpourri of luxury experiences including 5-star hospitality, visual and performing arts like music, theatre etc. These destinations celebrate global culture and invite millions of art / culture aficionados.

The Challenge

With the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown, the client’s European and UK destinations had to prep up to be pandemic-proof with sufficient stock of PPE kits, sanitisers and the works. They required a huge supply of these products within just 8 days across their destinations that needed product procurement as well as logistical expertise.

The Solution

In association with our JV partner, Citicare, Orchid Global Shipping managed to produce over a million hand sanitiser bottles that were customised. We sourced thousands of PPE Equipment including aprons, masks etc as well. All the products were assembled, collated and delivered using our in-house services and warehousing and delivery facilities to all European sites successfully within the short turnaround time of 8 days. Our well-trained departmental staff and teams ensured a flawless execution of the service, leaving the client delighted.

The Outcome and Benefits

The efficient and timely sourcing and delivery of the products ensured the client was equipped to restart their business in a safe and hygienic environment, thus reducing business losses. They also saved immense money given our in-house delivery and logistics service as we served them an end-to-end solution.